Friday, February 1, 2013

Photo Art Friday....Minimalist....

Friday, already.
Time for another 
Photo Art Friday.

This week, Bonnie challenged us  with the subject 'Minimalist'.
It's always interesting to see how each of us interprets the prompts.

I'm not much of a 'minimalist'.  So, I was having a bit of trouble deciding what to do.

Then, when I went out for the paper this morning, this moon greeted me.

I ran inside for my camera, and was able to get a couple pretty good shots.

I did some editing in Photoscape.  This is just auto contrast.
Interesting how just that changed the color of the sky so much.

Then, I added one of Bonnie's great textures in PSE 9.
This is 'Fleeting Memory' at lighten, 100%.
I lightly removed a bit of the texture on the edge of the moon.

It looks a little dreamy...dreamlike... to me.

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Photo Art Friday

Have a great weekend.


Thanks for dropping by...

'Morning Moon' SOOC


  1. Very beautiful piece.

  2. Delightful editing . . . well done!

  3. just glorious!! I love the moon and what fun you had!!

  4. what a lovely processing!

  5. Linda-The moon shot and your final image are terrific!

  6. Love them all, but that last image is beautifully dreamy and still minimalist! Great editing.

  7. Cool! Love the use of the texture, it does give it a very dreamy feel.

  8. this is great use of texture. Love the end result. :)

  9. It's absolutely gorgeous! Oh, you have inspired me... I have so many moon shots... thank you! :)

  10. Very beautiful, I must say, I love that original shot of the moon, such great detail :)

  11. I get all giddy when I capture a good shot of the moon. I think it helps to capture that detail with some light in the sky....gorgeous!!

  12. I really like the way the white mood emerges from the white textured area - beautiful and subtle.

  13. Love what you have done here! Great post.