Sunday, April 6, 2014

{86-91-Project 365-2014}...

'Late Day'

'Nature's Not Always Pretty'
These guys do an efficient job cleaning up, when a deer is down.

'Bridge Across Lake Charles'

'Crossin' the River'
The Mississippi River at Baton Rouge.

A beached sailboat, on the Mississippi coast.
Maybe beached by Katrina?

'Shrimp Boats are A-comin'

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{80-85-Project 365-2014}

'Hanging Around'
A gift from our son's family.  A little bat, made of metal parts.
Hoping he does his job, and catches mosquitoes.....

'Spring Fashion'

'Peace in the Valley'
Wimberley Valley, that is.

One of our Grand-dogs.  We think he has too much tongue for his mouth.


'Was that a squirrel?'
And yes...she went to the beauty parlor.

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{74-79-Project 365-2014}

Catching up, again.

'Beautiful Afternoon'
A visit to the winery.

'A Different Color'

'Eating for Two''s that time again.  Multiplying the mouths to feed.

'Ball Moss...Again'


'Guess Who Needs to go to The Beauty Parlor?'

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