Sunday, April 6, 2014

{86-91-Project 365-2014}...

'Late Day'

'Nature's Not Always Pretty'
These guys do an efficient job cleaning up, when a deer is down.

'Bridge Across Lake Charles'

'Crossin' the River'
The Mississippi River at Baton Rouge.

A beached sailboat, on the Mississippi coast.
Maybe beached by Katrina?

'Shrimp Boats are A-comin'

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  1. Keep up the good work....I like seeing your "life" pics. No particularly the buzzards tho...giggle!!

  2. Love your shots and especially i adore that shrimp boat. You said on my blog that you are going to glacier. I have been there probably 20 times and it is the most awesome place. It is my mental spiritual home. I could give you any sort of hints that you might want and know every great place in that park. Know you will love it! Holler if you need any sort of information!