Friday, July 11, 2014

{183-187} Project 365, 2014...

 183-365 'Horned Toad'
When I was a kid, 'Horny Toads', were everywhere.
I haven't seen one in the wild for years.
They're neat little creatures.
This one is resin.  He guards the new firepit planter.

 184-365 'Gone Fishing'
We visited our daughter and family, at their 
campsite at Lake Texana.  This guy was fishing right off shore.
We've seen them in the ponds around our house, too.

 185-365 'Getting Ripe'

 186-365 'Happy 4th of July'
posted on the 4th, too.

187-365 'Purple Fountain Grass'

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{176-182} Project 365, 2014...

 176-365 'Almost Ready'

 177-365 'Hey There'

 178-365 'The New Yucca'
We turned an old firepit into a planter.

 179-365 'Texas Tiki Week'
Yes...there is a Texas Tiki Week.
June 24-30, this year.

 180-365 'Goosy, Goosy, Gander'
These are Egytian Geese.
We seem to have more here, each year.

 181-365 'Dittany of Crete'
Origanum dictamnus

182-365 'Lion's Tail'
Leonotis leonurus

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{170-175} Project 365, 2014...

 170-365 'Let Me In...We-oooo'

 171-365 'Twins Fountain'
We got this fountain, because it reminded us of our
grand-twins, when they were little.

 172-365 'Anticipation'

 173-365 'Inside Longhorn Caverns'
Taking grandkids to a Texas cavern

 174-365 'Hey! Wanna Ride?'
They got a new/old van

175-365 'Fair Country Winds'

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{164-169} --Project 365, 2014...

 164-365 'Pandora's Box'

 165-365 'Tiptoe Through the Tall Grass'

 166-365 'Orange Zest'

 167-365 'Chicago Star'

 168-365 'Field Flowers'

 169-365 'Pardon Me'

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{158-163}--Project 365, 2014...

 158-365 'Agave Pot'

 159-365 Yucca Rostrata'

 160-365 'Sunny Day'

161-365 'Potted Patterns'

 162-365 'Spidery Patterns'

162-365 'Virginia Creeper'

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{152-157} --Project 365, 2014...

 152-365 'It's an Obsession'
More plants.  More pots. More gardening....

153-365 'I'm Hiding'
This little deer thinks we can't see him.

 154-365 'New Pocket on the Wall'
planted with succulents

 155-365 'Will I Have a Figgy Pudding?'
Probably not.
 156-365 'Mexican Hats'
Ratabina columnifera

157-365 'Oh...Just Make Yourself at Home'
Yes...he's IN the flowerbed.

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