Friday, February 22, 2013

Photo Art Friday....Connect...

It's time for 
Photo Art Friday.

This week, Bonnie has given us the prompt

To connect is to join.
Kind of like what we do here.

Last fall, we took a trip out west.
Here, along Interstate 10....
which connects the East Coast, with the West Coast...
there is this large wind farm.

These giants produce power.  And power helps us all connect with 
one another and the world.

I used two of Bonnie's textures.
Creative Canvas-- color burn @ 100%
Brown Rice Paper-- hard light @ 100%

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Photo Art Friday

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  1. Never seen that many in one place, my goodness! =0

  2. I thought about using a field of windfans but did not have a good image to work with. Your is so cool and the texture you used - like this a lot!!

  3. Those windfarms are a common sight in our area but I love what you've done with them here. Very nice processing.

  4. Fascinating photo. Definitely a sign of our of the more promising signs.

  5. Wow! Were these windmills that far spaced out or were the ones in the foreground just that much bigger than the rest? I like you texture and tone choices…reminds me of those beautiful children’s books that you just wanted to reach out and touch.

  6. I have seen large wind farms like this a few years ago when we took a road trip from BC Canada to Vegas. They are quite fascinating to see. Your process is so lovely.

  7. That's a great image there Linda, like a painting :)

  8. quite a wondrous way to "see" those "old friends" of mine after many trips West to East and East back to West and sometimes just around the West.

    a great response to the theme.

  9. I love seeing the wind farms. I do wonder what happens when there is no wind.