Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On Chimney Valley Road...

On our back roads drive the other day, we took this little two lane road.

Chimney Valley Road.

Do you ever wonder why some roads have the names they do?
We did see some chimneys.  But, nothing that would warrant the name.

It's close by.  Maybe we'll take it again, some day.
There were plenty things to see.  I bet later in the spring or summer, it'll
be even more interesting.

We came across this house.

It could certainly use some TLC.
But, we decided that someone still lives here.
There's a not-too-old truck parked
just to the right of this photo.

And, there's a power line, running to the house from the road.

And, maybe running water?

Guaranteed peace and quiet.
Except for a crazy old woman, with a camera.

Thanks for dropping by...

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  1. Maybe I just have the Beverly Hillbillies on my mind today, but doesn't this look like the house they lived in before they struck oil?

  2. Great shots! Love that old windmill ;)

  3. Love this old place! Maybe elderly? So many don't have family to help out and are isolated and alone. Looks neat and tidy, though. xx

  4. It's great! Someone obviously keeps it clean, which is unusual in a place that old.

  5. Love,love it! Isn't is amazing what can be found on the back roads??

  6. Oh, I love this place... reminds me of a biography of a women from the mountains in Georgia the book was called 'Aunt Arie.' Thank you for joining in 'Rurality Blog Hop #3' Hope to see you next Wednesday for #4...

  7. Old home places like this always get my attention. I always wonder who lived there and think about their lives. And the road name got my attention right away. Wonderful.