Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Back Roads.....

Driving the back roads.  Looking for things to photograph.

We took advantage of a beautiful day, and took a ride into the countryside.

Lots of things to see.  It's a dry winter.  
Still chilly mornings.  But, the evergreen of the Live Oaks, and some winter grasses, 
brighten up the scene.

This is one of the barns we saw.  Still being used.

She hasn't had many coats of paint.  But, for photos, that's a good thing.

I played around with some textures...

I used Kim Klassen's 'Mary', from her Downton Collection.
Then, I added some border techniques from Pixlr.

The original

Different angles, and different perspectives.
Kinda like life.

We had a great time.  And, I'll be showing you more of our finds.

Photo hunts.
This could be the start of something big.

Thanks for dropping by...

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  1. I like the texture- pretty barn out in the field!

  2. Oh love that last image....perfect!!

  3. Love the processing on the barn.

  4. Love the texture you added!!!! I like them otherwise, too. Also, glad you posted both the with and without texture....I always enjoy the option of seeing both.

  5. Most definitely one of my favorite things to do ... looking for out-of-the-way back roads and take pictures! Never know what you'll find ... and I love barns ... wouldn't mind finding one to refurbish and live in! Wonderful processing on these images of the one you found! Looked like the perfect day, too! :)

  6. For some reason I really like the last photo! : )

  7. oh i really like the last one best, what a winner!!

    i am a big fan of untouched pictures. not that the textures don't look pretty but i just like to see things in their natural form!!

  8. That's a nice-looking barn. Nice edits.

  9. Lovely barn and beautiful processing!

  10. We also went for a ride in the country today....such blue skies! I wonder why we all love the weathered look of the old barns...but we don't live in houses with weathered wood....we paint it. We try to cover the aged look...try to look like everyone else instead of showing our character.

  11. They're all beautiful shots, great texture, but I'm thinking I like the last best... something about the grasses in the foreground & the wood fence posts & the tall tree in the back! =)

  12. weathered wood and rust - nothing better for a barn - well, except for a red midwestern one w/ loft. :)