Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Old Stone Barn....

Just getting in under the wire, for this week's 
Barn Charm.

I have no idea the age of this old barn.
It looks really old.  
Not many people build barns with stone, anymore.

Old barn  with Kim Klassen textures.

It looks like it has a new roof.  And, the fences are in good shape.

And, sometime there was a lean-to section added on the back....or, was that the front?
I'd like to see that other side....but, I'm not nervy enough to sneak through that
barbed wire fence.
Besides, the house is not too far away.  

View without texture

There looks like there are stables inside.  And, another add-on, too.
That's a pop-up greenhouse, inside the add-on.

Man...could I use that storage.

It's good to see a fine old barn, given good care.

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  1. Wow, where did you find this? This is so unusual!!! Love it!

  2. We never see stone barns around here....they are all either wood or metal. Love this one, it has so much character and it looks great with your added texture!!

  3. Looks like a beautiful old stone place! I love all the stonework! WoW!

    Thank you very much for joining & so sorry it took so long to visit

  4. that is REALLY REALLY cool! i want that barn, too! :)

  5. Sometimes we see a stone base to a barn maybe two feet or so but I have never seen an all stone barn! Great capture!