Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Texture Tuesday...Outdoor Edition...

This week's challenge at 
Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday,
is a photo taken outdoors, with one layer of Kim's textures.

We have an ongoing battle with the squirrels around here.
As you can see, we don't always win that battle.

I used two layers of Kim's 'Poetic' texture.
Both @ multiply 100%.
Then, I masked off the textures on the squirrel and most of the feeder.

Be sure to hop over to Kim's, for more great texture work.


Thanks for dropping by...


  1. After the squirrels destroyed the two feeders we had...I decided to be finished with the rascals....but I do so miss their antics...and they did always provide some great photo opportunities by just walking out the back door ;)

  2. Lol we have the same problem here they are amazing and just get everywhere

  3. Those pesky little rascals! Great photograph and I love the texture work!

  4. Great shot of that bad boy!

  5. Lovely shot (our's are naughty like that too!). Love the textures you've used.