Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Visit of the Raccoon...

'Visit of the Raccoon'

We live on a golf course, in a small town.  
There are lots of 'wild animals' around here...
mostly deer, but other things, too.

This little guy came into our yard, during the day.  Mostly, they just come around at 
night....tearing up bird feeders and things.

He was acting strange...not aggressive...just like he was feeling really bad.
He wandered around a while, then wandered off.  We thought he was feeling better.

Later, the Animal Control came. (I didn't know we HAD Animal Control here).
They headed down to the creek, with a cage, and came back up with this 
guy.  They took him away.  

Maybe they helped him.

Nature isn't always pretty.

Thanks for dropping by...

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