Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Red-Shouldered Hawk

'Red-Shouldered Hawk'

Another pretty day.
Another day, working in the garden, getting ready for Spring.

Sitting on the porch, with the sun going down.
 This guy flew across
the Deer Grove, and up into a tree.

It was good of him to pose so nicely for me.

Thanks for dropping by...


  1. oh my what a fabulous shot! He is beautifully coloured-and I really like how you've framed him...

  2. I just discovered your blog and it is so lovely. Your header is beautiful. Your shot of the Red Shouldered Hawk is awesome and the frame just adds to its beauty...

  3. How wonderful to see this and to be able to capture it also. The light here is just beautiful on him. I also thought your header is so beautiful was the first thing that struck me when I opened your blog, as gorgeous.

  4. Thanks, everyone.
    The header is a sunset view, from Pinesdale, WY.
    Our daughter and family, lived there for a while last year. We visited, and stayed in a cabin b&b, close by. One evening, we left their house, to head home, and I saw this sunset about to happen. I have an understanding husband, and we drove to the edge of town to catch it. The west view was ordinary...but, turn around..there were storms clouds on the mountains that caught the light...beautiful.
    Sometimes, you can be lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.
    If you get a chance to go to Pinedale...do it. It's a nice town, with some gorgeous views.