Monday, January 28, 2013

Sunday Drive.....

We had a busy day yesterday...birthday lunches, visiting.
But, when things settled down, we decided to take a little drive, and look for barns.

Here, in Central Texas, we don't have harsh winters.  
We get a quick cold front, that will zap our plants.  
Then, it moves on and the weather is pretty mild.
Yesterday was almost hot.

So, most of the 'barns' around here are more lean-to type shelters.

More to keep feed and equipment sheltered, than for the livestock.

We tend to wear our patriotism....and, sometimes our politics...on our sleeve.

There's also this old Chevy truck, just sitting there decorating the place.

I think this one still works.  The tires don't look too bad.

This barn, and the truck sit beside a road we use quite often.
I've been meaning to stop for a photo for a long time.
Finally made myself do it.

Glad I did.

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Go visit and see lots of great barns.

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  1. Love that barn, but that Chevy pickup is terrific!

  2. Oh, these are real treasures.

  3. These are such pretty images - I love the flag on the red barn, and that truck! What a gem!

  4. Love the cactus in front of the barn! We don't see those here. The old truck photos are great as well.

  5. beautiful shots! love all the prickly pear at that place and the patriotism, too. :) i'm in NE Tx but we have a bit of prickly pear here, too. :)

  6. Love the barn with the flag and the stone foundation! But that red pickup is the main attraction!

  7. Hey! I live in central Texas, too! We are going to have to call dubs on sides of I35 so we don't get the same, your pictures would be better anyway. And we might have different interpretations of the barn. So they say. Love your barn and the God bless America and our military! And the Chevy truck is just icing on the cake!

  8. Good looking place, and of course there has to be an old truck around! We don't have the farm, but we do have an old Ford truck sitting in our yard, although right now it is covered in snow.

  9. Okay, we're good...I was looking at your profile to make sure you weren't a Linda my hubby used to date (lol) way back when, and I see you live in Wimberly which is a far piece from me....I guess like Texas, Central Texas covers a huge area! I'll be waiting to see what kind of barns you have around your area!!

  10. Oh, I don't know which I love most. The pretty red barn with the flag or the old truck!

  11. ha, i immediately thought of "leave it to davis" when i saw this! great shots, love that old truck too! i complained in my post about not having an old truck like this lol

  12. Great pictures! Love that barn with the stone work and the flag. And the truck is terrific!

  13. Oh I do like that barn with all the patriotism painted for all to see. And that truck...sigh!!

  14. I love it- and the truck is pretty cool too!

  15. Love the flag, and that truck is SUPER cool! I love it! The cactus are fab too!