Friday, January 25, 2013

Photo Art Friday....Hardware...

This week on 
Photo Art Friday,
Bonnie's challenge word is 'Hardware'.

I recently received a new laptop.

Photo Art Friday.  PDPA texture 'Brown Rice Paper'

I'd say it has some 'Hardware'.....and, I installed in some software, as well.

I have to say, I'm not really crazy about the new Windows 8.
It seems to be less efficient.  To me, anyway.
'New and improved' should be IMPROVED.  
Don't you think?

But.....I am learning.

Be sure to click on the link, and go see more photo art.

Photo Art Friday

Thanks, Bonnie, for the great textures.

Thanks for dropping by...


  1. Yes I agree, it should at least be improved! I like the colurs & texture you used.

  2. I am still using Windows Vista and chugging along happily. I think everything has a learning curve and we ride the curves the best we can... I like what you did here. It is inviting and colourFULL!!

  3. That is a great piece of hardware and I love how you have processed it, Linda. Hope it starts being better behaved hardware for you soon.

  4. Cool idea. Congratulations on the new laptop. I did not think that Windows 7 was as good as XP. Valerie

  5. Congrats on the new Hardware and may you have success learning the software (it can often be challenging). Love the texture you added.

  6. Great shot and wonderful processing!