Monday, January 21, 2013

Barn Charm....The First....

I've been 'lurking' over at
Bluff Area Daily
for Trisha's Barn Charm.
This week...I decided to join in.

The first week in December, we went to Kansas to visit our daughter.
Both grandkids at that house, have a birthday the same week.

Right on the highway to their town, we passed this farm.
There are LOTS of farms up there.

There was a reason to stop and take a photo.
TWO old gray barns.  AND, a great old truck.

The day was gray and chilly.  So, the photos came out that way, too.

And, I could be wrong.  But, I don't think they use this truck much.

Thanks for letting me play along on Barn Charm.

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Thanks for dropping by...


  1. the barn is lovely. but i'm taken back by the old truck - nice!! ( :

  2. I really like the patina of the tin roof and the way it has rusted in a patch work kinda way!
    The old truck adds a bit of vintage charm.
    Glad you joined us. :)

  3. Beautiful photos and I love the old truck!

  4. I'm glad you decided to join! The barn shots are great, but wow, that old truck is really something!

  5. The barns! The old truck! Wonderful shots...

  6. i tried to comment several times earlier but couldn't get it to take. hope this one works!

    this is AWESOME!

  7. well, that worked just as easy as can be...

    you started out in barn charm with a BANG!

  8. Wow! two barns and an old truck. What a lucky find. glad you joined barn charm.

  9. Welcome glad you joined in. Love these great shots!

  10. What great shots--not sure which I like best!

  11. What a find, old barns and an old truck, love it!

  12. Great shots and I love the tones! Don't think that old truck gets used much either but what a great find!

  13. Two gorgeous barns and the truck is fantastic! I'm so glad you stopped for photos and shared them on Barn Charm. Well done!

  14. Welcome to Barn Charm! =)

    Look at those 2 barns! WoW! Lovin them & the truck, too. Fantastic shots

    Thank you so much for joining in & linking up to this week's Barn Charm... you're welcome to join anytime! =)

  15. Great shots. Love the barns and the truck, too!

  16. Oh my goodness! This is wonderful! Great barns, and fabulous truck!

  17. How'd I miss you last week? We love old trucks, too. I have found some around here that are actually parked inside the old them!