Tuesday, May 27, 2014

{127-132}--Project 365-2014...

'Through the Island'
I try to give each area of our yard a name.  
That way, when we talk about an area, we know which one.  It almost works.  
This is the Island Bed.  
We have a circular drive, and it just seemed to be the right name.  
In the distance, is the Front Bed.

'They're He-e-er'
It has begun.  The next generation of deer.  
They're harder to catch sight of right now.  
But, in a couple weeks, they'll be braver and the mommas will let them be seen more.
They're cute....but, they'll be eating the landscape soon.

'Playin' Possum'
Look who we found, sleeping in the cat's bed, on the porch. 
 A baby Possum.  
We got him out of the bed and off the porch, 
before the other furry critters...who live here...could get to him.
Or, the other way around.

'Biloxi Beach'

'New Bridge to Ocean Springs'
The old bridge, from Biloxi to Ocean Springs, Mississippi, 
was torn up during Katrina's visit.  This is the new one.  
Quite nice.

'Stormy Skies Over Biloxi'
There was stormy weather along the coast.  
I tried to capture the sun coming through the clouds.  
I think I used a polarizing filter on this.  
I should write things down.

Thanks for dropping by...

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