Tuesday, May 27, 2014

{121-126}--Project 365-2014

'Jerusalem Sage'
Phlomis fruticosa
Love the Dr. Seuss-type blooms.

'Beauty For a Day'

'Prickly Pear Bud'
This prickly pear has been in our garden for some time.
It's never bloomed.  This year it has a lot of buds.
We were away, when it bloomed.  Our daughter sent us a picture.
Hope it blooms next year, and we get to see it.

'Grapevine Flowers'
I posted a picture of the buds on our grapevine.
Now, the flowers.  I like them.

'The Grove at Sunset'
The wildscape grove, behind our house.
I call it the Deer Grove, because the deer hang out there.

'Peter's Parrot'
Our daughter gave her daddy a metal parrot, to hang in 
his tropical part of the porch.

Thanks for dropping by...

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