Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Another week.
Another chance to show off some of the rural areas around here,
and some interesting barns.

We recently took a ride on 
Fischer Store Road.
The name comes from just the way it sounds....
it goes to Fischer's store.

It's still a small community.
The store is still there, and there's Fischer Hall,
used as an event venue.

But first, we came upon this great building.

I'll call it a barn.  Not really sure if it is more than display area for some 
neat, old advertising signs.

It didn't hurt, that it had this great old
International truck.

What is it about old trucks, and people with cameras?
We do seem to like to take their portraits.

A little profile.

And, straight on.

That rust.
That lovely color of green.

Even without a bumper....she's a beauty.

You just never know what you'll find, driving along those back roads.


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  1. Wow! Some real beauty shots here. Love the building and the truck, the brilliant blue sky, the setting--just everything about what you brought back from this day out exploring. That old truck sure is photogenic with my favourite colour combo of turquoise and rust.

  2. That is a great old building. We take photos of old trucks and cars because they had individuality. Cars all look alike these days. Great photos.

  3. Love, love, love those old signs and that International they even make them anymore? Great finds!!

  4. What a great building, I'd call it a barn and I love, love, love that old truck.

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the signs & that old truck, get a load of that once shiny grill, man oh man! I love it

    Thank you for joining =)

  6. Love the signs, barn and truck ~ Wonderful photography ~ for Rurality ^_^

  7. Love the ornate ridge cap on the barn -- very unusual. Lovely images Linda.

  8. We love driving the back roads, so many photo opportunities.
    Great signs on the old store.

  9. This is my kind of place. We do love the old stores, signs, and vehicles, don't we.

  10. I love finding old vehicles..and that color is fabulous! Wonderful old barn, too.

  11. Oh wow, you hit the jackpot with the old barn, the great signs, and that old truck. I bet you were just giddy!! That 4th pic down definitely needs framing!!