Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Showing It's Mettle..... this case, it's more like
In fact....TIN.

I'm not sure if this is a barn, or some kind of garage.

Most barns are closed on all sides.
This one was ready for driving equipment right in.

A bit overgrown.  So, I'm not sure it's still being used.

It served it's purpose for me....
it's barn-like and rural.

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  1. Great post and creative photos for Rurality ^_^

  2. This ol beauty passes as a barn as far as I'm concerned & great for Barn Charm! I love the shape, all the 'drive-thrus' & the door on the top... not to mention that rusty roof! What a beauty

    Thanks a million for sharing on Barn Charm =)

  3. Wooo, this one is a beauty! I don't CARE if it's a real barn or it whatever it is! Great find!

  4. I love the patina. I still think it is considered a barn ;)

  5. That's a nice old barn. I want to live in it. :)

  6. I love the first photo with the rusty roof barn, the fence, and the big ole' tree branch overhead.

  7. I do love that equipment shed... Thank you for joining in 'Rurality Blog Hop #6' Hope to see you next Wednesday for #7...

  8. What a neat structure! I'm guessing an equipment shed as well, but with the door up top and with it being so large, it may have been used for hay and animals as well.

    My barn charm for this week;
    Noteworthy Musings

  9. I've never seen one quite like that. It is very nice and has a lot of character.

  10. Really like those open-air doors, add quite the character to the barn. Beautiful capture!!