Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hard Scrabble....

Riding the White Pass railroad, outside Skagway, Alaska.  We came across this lonely little pine.  It seems the closer you get to the Arctic, the harder it is for trees to grow tall.  
This little guy was trying his best.

Created with:
My Image
Background copy @ Overlay 66%
Kim Klassen texture Autumn Burst @ Normal 48%
Kim Klassen Texture Autumn Burst @ Soft Light 68%
Kim Klassen Texture Scripted Autumn @ Soft Light 33%
Kim Klassen Texture Scripted Autumn @ Multiply 33%

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  1. Oh, my poor little thing. It looks like it is reaching out for help. Nice texture work, it fits the subject well.

  2. I love shots like this! And I love your use of textures, too.

  3. Poor little thing, looks so lonely out there.

    Great job with the texture, matches the scene well.

  4. Wow, great title and the textures really work on this to create an atmosphere. It looks like such a barren landscape.

  5. Very nice composition and texture work. Thank you for posting.

  6. That's a sad, but determined little tree! Great image!

  7. An excellent symbol of determination! Your choice and application of textures enhance the image perfectly.