Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gratitude...Texture Tuesday...

Reflections from rain on the driveway.

Thankful appreciation for favors received.

Living in Central Texas, in the midst of an "Exceptional" drought
is certainly the emotion we feel whenever there is any sort of rain.

This week the prompt for Texture Tuesday is Gratitude.
Also, we're asked to use two different textures from Kim.
I used three.

Created with:
My image
Kim Klassen texture~~Autumn Burst @ soft light 100%
Kim Klassen texture~~Scripted Autumn @ Multiply 45%
I did this twice.
Kim Klassen texture~~Word @ Multiply 100%
Did this twice, too.
Desaturated a background copy,  blend mode overlay 100%

If you'd like to see other intepretations of Gratitude,
hop over to Kim's for more Texture Tuesday.

Click the link below


  1. This is a very neat shot. I love reflections and I am sure that rain starved Texas was grateful for any sort of moisture. I really like what the textures did with this.

  2. oh my, just stunning!!

    So glad you got some rain.

    Hope your day is blessed♥

  3. Oh, I know you are grateful for any amount of rainfall. Thanks for sharing your texture/blending recipe.

  4. Wish I could package up some of our rain and send it your way...my backyard is so soggy I dont know when I will ever get to walk out there again! Perfect texture selection and application for your photo...lovely.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your very kind words.


  5. Love this great shot...love that you got rain...love all this texture goodness! This is so artsy and rich! Nice work!

  6. Ooh I like your photo! Well done!

  7. I love rain reflections. Cool edit.