Sunday, March 16, 2014

Catching Up....Again...

'Porch Lights'

Some of these went out, right after this shot.
The new LED ones we got, won't hold the covers.
It's always something.

'Still some life in there'

This winter did a real job, on a lot of our plants.
Maybe this pot on the front porch will recover.



Sometimes, you get to the end of the day, and remember you don't 
have a photo for that day.
So...last minute shot of noodles cooking.

'Another New Feeder'

'I've Called This Meeting'

Fun to see so many different birds at once.

'Such a Pretty Face'

Playing with the new camera.
I really need to use it more.

'Someday Spring Will Come'

And, I can stop carrying these in and out of the garage, 
and plant them in the ground.

'Building a New World...
That's what he said'

When I asked, what game he was playing on his computer.
He's too young to realize that's really probably what he'll do...
what ALL children do.

OK....caught up with the 
Project 365.

Thanks for dropping by...

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