Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cross Over the Bridge...

On our drive up to 
Grand Teton National Park,
we passed under a few of these.

It's a 
Wildlife Bridge.

You see those fences along the sides of the road?
They're pretty tall.  And, they funnel the wildlife...
deer, elk, moose....whatever....
up to the bridge.

These make it safer for the wildlife to cross the road.

Saves many of their lives, and probably many humans' lives as well.

Pretty clever.

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  1. I have seen some of these in Alberta & BC too - great idea.

  2. That's cool! I often saw antelope killed along I90 in eastern MT, WY and SD. Early one morning just after daybreak, I saw several walk (walk mind you) up to one of those fences along the freeway and leap up and over the fence like it was nothing... sadly some never make it across safely... Thanks for sharing on RBH this week!

  3. I love these wildlife passageways, we've have them here too (France) and an a side bonus is we've seen animals walking across them, super!