Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sunset on the Mountain....

Recently, Mr P and I visited our daughter and her family in 

It's a small town, in a beautiful place.

One evening, when heading back to our B&B,
we noticed the sun, putting on quite a show as it was leaving.

Of course, we had to go to watch the show.

As we drove down a lane, on the outskirts of town,  we noticed there was a storm up on the mountains, to the east.

It was dropping rain, or maybe even snow.
Whichever, the sun was turning it amazing colors.

The orange and gold of the western sky, was turned to pinks and purples,
to the east.

I'm so glad we were in this spot, at this moment.

"Nature is the art of God."
~Dante Alighieri

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  1. Fantabulous sky =)

  2. These are fabulous shots!

  3. Marvelous....the summer has been spectacular for sky shows....My Rurality:

  4. So very lovely. Glad that you shared these shots.