Tuesday, February 7, 2012


These Golden Front Woodpeckers are everywhere here.
Who knew they had a sweet tooth?  They love the Hummingbird feeders.

Created with:
My Image
Background copy de-saturated
Kim Klassen texture: Revolution~~normal @ 83%
Kim Klassen texture: Friday~~pin light @ 100%
Kim Klassen texture: Waterstained Frame~~multiply @ 91%
I used a layer mask on all layers, to remove texture and de-saturation, and get a truer view of the woodpecker.

I forgot to add the 'before' picture.  Here she is.  This is a female.  The males have a red spot, on the top of their heads.  They're both loud.

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  1. Gorgeous image/processing. We get lots of Woodpeckers in the garden & they love the suet baskets but I had no idea they liked Hummingbird feeders either :-) Maybe I should hang ours in the tree early!

  2. Beautiful shot and I love the texture you added.

  3. Wonderful how the application of the textures makes the bird seem almost 3-dimensional.

  4. Thanks to everybody for dropping by.
    We have a lot of birds here. Sometimes it's hard to get a good shot.
    These woodpeckers do love the sweet stuff. It's fun to watch the hummers dive bomb them, trying to move them off of 'their' feeders.