Thursday, April 4, 2013

Losing It....'s been busy around here.
Lots of outside work.
A little inside work.

We had a great Easter.
I hope you did, too.

And, we finally got some rain.  Still not enough.
But, we'll take what we can get.

We had hundreds of American Goldfinches come through last week.
Mr. P was lucky enough to get this shot.

On Monday, I turned on my computer, and things were strange.
My desktop was all rearranged.
The wallpaper was set back to a default Toshiba one.



To say I was unhappy about it, would be a VAST understatement.

Nobody seems to know what happened.

But, not all is lost
I blog.
In fact, I have THREE blogs.
 And, Blogger stores uploaded photos 
on Picasa Web Albums.
And, I also use a couple more online photo storage places.


when we got the new laptop, we couldn't sync it with the old one.
So, I burned CDs, to transfer photos.

Whew....saved a lot of grief.  

We did lose a lot of photos taken since then, that weren't posted or stored somewhere.

Learned my lesson....again.


So, since I lost all my recent Rural photos,
I dug into some saved ones, and found something that might work.

This is a very rural area in southern Arizona.
I took it while we drove along, on our way back from California last fall.

Saguaro cactus is so cool.  They have to be quite old, to have so many arms.
This one looks quite lonely.

But, there was a lot of different greenery, keeping it company.

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