Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Wow...I haven't done a post here in quite a while.
It's been a busy time around here...whew...

The above photo, is a plant pick....ladybugs that glow in the dark.  

Here it is before the texture edits.  The bug's body charges in the sun,
then glows softly in the dark.

Here's a longer view.
They're a bit old.  But, they still work.

I did the texture edit in Photoshop Elements.

  • Made a background copy
  • Saturation/Hue layer...desaturated
  • Applied a posterize filter
  • Kim Klassen texture: Simplicity @ soft light 100%
  • Kim Klassen texture: Simplicity @ multiply @ 80%
  • Kim Klassen texture: Waterstain Frame @ pin light 59%
  • Kim Klassen texture: Waterstain Frame @ linear burn 59%
  • I did a layer mask on all texture layers, and removed the texture from the ladybug.
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